Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lessons I Learned While Trying Not to Lose My Sanity.....

What a week....
it's been loud,
and beautiful all at once.

I've had a blessed week and learned some lessons along the way.

Lesson #1.
I have been so excited to use the LAST diaper in this house! (For now, of course) And in that celebration have overlooked stocking up on wipes. (An essential in potty training!) Hoobie has been doing well...he genuinely likes the toilet and likes using it for the intended purpose - as well as for other 'recreational' purposes...
Today, he went potty and while I was throwing away the old pull up, he ran to the kitchen. No pants, just a T-shirt....
I think it's cute!!
Here is the lesson in this story - ALWAYS diaper a 23 month old no matter how sweet their 'cheeks' are! I spent the next few 'not so cute' minutes cleaning poo (sorry...) off the carpet! oh, and no wipes makes it VERY fun to clean the aforementioned poo off legs, booty, hands, and feet.
Lesson learned.
Lesson #2
A mixed drink in a pretty glass at 8 o'clock on the couch while wearing jammies can feel like a vacation...
(Captain and Diet, if you're wondering!)
Lesson #3
While wrestling with 2 boys - watch out for tongues....You get the picture, right? Oh, and note to self - I MUST start lifting weights if I want to have more boys and spend time wrestling. Man, they are strong when one gets your legs and the other tickles you while trying to lick your face!
Lesson #4
A tube of sunblock can make BEAUTIFUL finger paintings on your leather car upholstery...I'm sure you're getting a mental image of this one as well....
Lesson #5
Getting your hands dirty in the mud can do wonders for your soul....
And flowers always cheer your heart!
Lesson #6
ANYONE who 'knows' when the end will come is a crackpot...
'Nuff said.
Lesson #7
If you want your child to eat, make them a different meal than you're eating. (preferably something easy and savable for next time. i.e., PB&J) Then tell them to eat their food while you eat yours. Chances are, they'll opt for the food on your plate and actually eat a good, full meal! And *BONUS* you get to eat the PB&J - a favorite of mine! :)
Lesson #8
Don't wear shorts if you haven't shaved your legs...No matter who you're hanging out with.
I shaved on Monday. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
On Thursday morning I was sipping coffee on the couch with the boys. Hoobie came over and said 'Hi, Momma!' His blue eyes locked with mine and he put his little patties on my knees. He ran his hands down and up in a sweet, loving way. I was happy with this wake-up greeting...until his face changed to concern. "Uckie, momma. Uckie! Owwww....." I guess even a little guy can tell when mom is getting lazy and doesn't shave!
Lesson #9
Laugh when you wanna'll save your sanity and freak your kids out so much so that they just may stop throwing golf balls at the dog in your formal dining room long enough to pay attention to the warning you're giving...
Lesson #10
Trying to wear out your knees in prayer is a futile effort....God made our knees to bend and He'll renew your strength with every single 'Amen'.  But, I dare you to try it....

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