Friday, May 6, 2011

An Answer.... May 6, 2011

I arrived at the Doctor's office today at 8:20 and sat with my two sweet boys while waiting to go back and see Dr. Murphy. There were beautifully pregnant women all around and I made myself smile at them and be happy about the little ones in their bellies - Sometimes making your mind lie to yourself can trick you into really feeling that way...

I got a few compliments about how cute and sweet my boys warmed my heart and hearing it from strangers made it click in my head - I AM BLESSED! Though it's sad and tough now, I am blessed. Should God not give us anymore children, I can be satisfied in the amazing little men he has already entrusted me with!

We were called back

Parker told me he and Hunter were doctors and they used a measuring tape to give me a check up with while we waited in room #6.  "You measure 56 and you won't need a cast!" He was so serious and concerned that it made me laugh and lighten up. Dr. Murphy came in and the boys gave her a check up, too. So sweet of her to play along!

My levels had dropped from 216 to 150 within 48 hours and I am having what seems like a normal period. I am relieved to hear that I can just relax at home with my boys and let this happen naturally - no procedure or medicines needed. And she was very reassuring that we could try again in a few months.

While this experience was not a pleasant one, and still hurts deeply, it is part of my story. It is part of His plan. Nothing happens to me that does not first pass by His throne....


  1. I'm glad things can happen naturally for you. I know it doesn't make anything really easier but I'm glad for you that you didn't have ti have a procedure done. somehow this fits into His plan even though we have no idea why. praying you feel some comfort.

  2. oh, aud. i'm so sorry. love you & will be in prayer for you.

  3. 'that does not pass by His throne'
    i like that aud!