Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Healing Hands May 11

A call light went off tonight. I hopped up from the desk and made my way toward the blinking red light. I went in and asked 'M' if he was okay. She looked a little embarrassed and couldn't quite get out her request.

She was in the restroom and I guessed at a few possibilities. She needed help with getting cleaned up and she seemed truly amazed that I said with a smile "I sure can help with that!" I left the room to get a few things and when I came back she seemed almost surprised that I was willing to kneel at her feet and help her into clean garments. That I would take the time to clean her. That I would help her back to bed and ask if there was anything else I could do. She looked me in the eyes and genuinely thanked me.

She was discharged home and I rolled her out to her husband who was waiting in the car. I gingerly helped her up and into the passenger seat. I tucked her dress underneath her so it wouldn't get caught in the door. I told her to take care and get some rest. Her eyes pierced mine and she said "thank you, for everything."

My job isn't glamorous, I don't make the big bucks, and tonight I ran around sweaty and tired. But 2 words make my days worth it. Hearing a stranger thank you for helping them when they're vulnerable and trusting you to make it better doesn't seem like work, but almost a privilege.

I love my job and can't wait to see what God has for me in this line of work....I have willing hands and a heart broken to His will!

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