Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating Mike! May 17

I met Mikie about 8 years ago at work. He was (and IS) SO cute and sweet!
He was one of those guys that I crushed on hard - never imagining
That God would join our hearts forever!

He is so many  things to us:
A playmate to the boys...
A curious little boy in a man's body!
A wonderful Daddy with loving hands to comfort,
strong hands to protect,
and hard hands to discipline and keep his boys
in line with the Lord's commands.
He is captain of his boat,
a Boss at work,
a tender heart to the ones he loves,
a comedian,
a philosopher,
the hardest working man, 
wine connoseur,
a man of God,
and he
enjoys a good cigar and a round or two of golf.

He is my better half - and I love having a day to tell him all these things!
To shower him in love,
make a special dinner,
and get him gifts.
He never asks for anything - and he embarrasses easily when all eyes are on him.....
And I take full advantage of pampering him when I can!

Happy Birthday, Mike!

(oh, and he doesn't like his picture taken! :)

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