Sunday, June 5, 2011

Been a While June 5

Well....It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been busy - but I don't know what with....

The Spring semester is over, and tomorrow I start Summer semester.  I am taking Ivy Tech Life Skills - the Community College Experience. I am also taking Algebra and Trigonometry. They're both Internet courses, but I know I'll be busy and have to work hard to keep up my GPA.

I am still waiting on my {Acceptance} letter from the Nursing program at Ivy Tech. They have been delayed twice and now are set to be in the mail the middle of next week.....Did I ever mention that I abhor waiting - being in limbo? I am a planner. I love lists, calenders, and having every minute scheduled and knowing exactly what comes next. I know...CONTROL FREAK!! :) Hi, I'm Audrey and I'm anal retentive. Whew, feels great to get it out there.

I have been filling my days with busyness....and not really talking to my Father. Luckily, He is patient and gives second chances - this is my 2,890th second chance! :) I am antsy and have not let peace in, because I have been trying to take life on all by myself. I sat and read last night before bed.

Reading over how meaningless the 'priorities' of this world are. It's all a chasing after the wind. Do you know anyone who can catch the wind? I can't....Lord knows I have tried, though.

I need to get back. I am open and completely broken to God's will. I need to remind myself of this daily. I am open to the things that tug at my heart strings - the things I am {almost} afraid that God will call me to do...I think that's how He teaches us to trust.

I am a sitter at work today and have time to read, reflect, and write.....and get paid for it. Score!! :)

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