Monday, October 10, 2011

Just Some Friendly Tips....

If you should ever encounter a pregnant woman, please choose your words, comments, questions, and suggestions, carefully.

 Here are a few LOVELY little comments I have received thus far in this pregnancy (number 3):

1. "How far along are you? Really? Really? Are you sure you're only __ weeks along??"

2. "Maybe you're carrying twins!?! You can't be that big so early for just ONE baby...."

3. "I think it's a Girl. They say that girl's take all your good looks."

4. "It could be a girl, they say you gain a lot of weight in your butt and thighs when you're having a girl."

5. "Should you be eating that?" (It was a  SALAD and a slice of pizza!!)

6.  " Caffeine really isn't good for you..." (To which I replied: I get one cup of coffee and/or can of pop a day. It's one thing that I SO look forward to as I have 2 kids - neither of whom nap! - I work, and I go to school!)

7. "WOW! You're REALLY big!"

8. "How OLD are you?!?" (To which I'd love to reply, while wrangling my 2 other kids - "Just turned 16..." just to mess with people!!)

Long story short: We're tried, we're sweaty, we're EMOTIONAL, and your comments - although well meant - are not helpful, nor kind.

I'm enjoying this time with my guys and a precious little one in my belly, and I am finally learning to laugh it off. This is my fourth pregnancy in four years, and I think I'm doing pretty well! :)

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  1. You are beautiful, and from your pictures you are not big at all!!!!! Just ignore the ignorant comments and keep lookin' lovely :)