Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is That Poop Smeared on My Shirt?!?

We've been in Wisconsin Dells for the past few days and have had a blast on our much-needed family vacation! Horseback riding, water parks, go-carts, arcades, treats, an historical train ride, and a petting zoo. My boys have loved every minute of it - except, of  course, sitting down to eat three times a day. I have a love-hate relationship with food - I love it, but its hard to eat while trying not to toss my cookies. And I hate it when I know I need to eat, but it takes me 30 minutes to choke down a banana!

We had a few meltdowns on this trip - which were quickly curtailed by an appropriate punishment and due to little boys being tired from simply too much fun.

I spent almost all of my trip covered in food that the boys [generously] wiped on my clothes, sticky, and just plain dirty. I sported raccoon eyes while running in and out of waterfalls with the boys, up ladders and down water slides! I carried tired guys, and lugged my camera to capture every minute. I sometimes get wrapped up in how I look to others. 'Hi! We're from Indiana. Haha - normally I don't look like this but *child* spilled *whatever can be spilled* on me.' {Haha, cringe!} and 'Normally I don't sweat this much, but I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. Yeah, I know. I look huge, but it's just ONE baby and I'm SURE I'm just 7 weeks. No, yeah, I'm sure.' Thanks for asking!

I spent about 4 hours walking around exploring and feeling good about how I looked. Showered, hair done, and a clean cute outfit. It wasn't until we home that I realized that brown streak on my belly was, in fact, poop from changing a diaper on the go. Oy!

But to my kids - I'm beautiful. I'm strong and fun. And I carried them - 10 months of 'mountain' climbing EACH. My body bears the battle scars of 30 hours of combined labor to bring the first two into the world. I don't always have time for make up and a blow dryer - or clothes that don't use the word 'sweat-____' to describe them. My hands and my feet are almost never manicured - or painted.  But, I do have time for kisses and hugs, discussions about animals and matchbox cars, and wiping tears. These are the things I care about - the things I wouldn't miss for the world. I have years and years to get my pre-baby figure back (Yikes! That was about 20 pounds ago....but, I digress. Let's get THIS little bundle healthy and out - then I'll work on losing [hopefully] a few of those!)

Us moms live a selfless life - and I'd give up even more if it meant that my children and husband could feel any  more loved or happier......

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  1. YOu say it so well. yes motherhood can be a thankless, often messy job but it is one that brings such joy. Only a mom can understand. There is more to being a mom than just carrying a child inside of you and then surviving labor. Its all those other moments. Those wiping away the tears, snuggling under a blanket, teaching things over and over again till they get it. Its all about selfless acts of love on our parts. Nothing can prepare one for this journey but nothing else can give such joy in return. I admit sometimes i'm jealous of those moms you see who are all put together in matching outfits, with marching toenails and fingernails, with a clean, well groomed child. but i wouldn't trade my time playing ball in the back yard with my kids for anything. I know we are getting dirty and sweaty together but we all love it. they still think i'm cool and want to be with me. I hope that last a whole lot longer. and i know most of the time i look like i just stepped out of the shower but thats because we have 5 people trying to get ready at once. and i think its more important to try to teach my boys good hygiene and to do it themselves. yeah, its a crazy, dirty, thankless job....but its the one with the most fun, love, and the biggest blessing in the end.