Monday, April 22, 2013

I Marvel....

I pulled in the driveway at 8:22p.m. I am home from class - I had an exam followed by an hour of lecture. I see the blinking light on my phone signaling a new message. It's Mike, wondering will I pick up Dairy Queen for him. I back up and head down the road to fulfill his craving. I come in, tired and hungry.

I hand him his frozen treat, and plant a kiss on his lips.

I marvel at God's grace in giving me my better half - exactly who I need and want.

I make my way down the hall. Park's light is on and he's still half-awake. I kneel next to his bed and rub his head. "I can't get comfy, mom." I re-arrange his pillows and tuck him in tight. I rub his back and he tells me I always tuck him in best.

I check Hunter next - out cold and looking so much like his daddy. I kiss him and whisper how much I love him.

Rae is nestled into her Moose pillow pet (a gift from her daddy, and her FAVORITE lovie) with Nuk in place. She stirs and cries. I pick her up and see what has awoken her - she rolled over onto some plastic food from her play kitchen that her brothers lovingly fetched for her after nap. I cuddle her close. I sing "The Way You Look Tonight". The song my dad and I danced to at my wedding. Her blue eyes get heavy as she mumbles along from behind her paci. She's out again and I gingerly lay her down and sneak out.

I plop on the couch to eat the dinner I made before leaving for class. The kids love pork chops and home made mashed 'taters. And Mike has made me a plate - warm and ready.

I sit and eat. I marvel at it. This life. The crazy and the mundane.

Between bites Mike and I laugh and talk while we flip back and forth from Pawn Stars and Mike and Molly.

I bought a Mini blizzard -  Peanut-butter and chocolate covered pretzels. Yes, it IS just as good as it sounds!

I marvel at God's provision. That even though for the last month I have run from Him, avoided any thing and any one who may bring up how I am coping. He did not move - I did. He loved me and He waited on me.

I raised my hands in church in singing and praise. He is an awesome God - a Mighty Fortress. He works ALL things together for my good and His glory.

I marvel.......

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  1. God is good....all the time. praying for you my friend.