Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breathe In, Breathe Out.....

Last Tuesday I had my Nursing Orientation meeting..I went in excited and full of butterflies. I came out - crying. Not because my feelings were hurt or that I was scared, I was (am) overwhelmed....

Part-time work, Full-time school, Full-time mom, wife, and friend. How can I do all this? How will I keep up? Will there be days that my kids won't remember what I look like because I'm either at work, school, or have my nose stuck in a book? I am so fearful of the busyness. I don't want to sacrifice all my time with my kids for a degree....But becoming an RN will benefit us all - and 4 semesters is just a season of our lives.

I work solely for insurance - this is an answer to our prayers as we have great coverage for the entire family through Porter Hospital. So, I can't quit my job - or even cut back hours.

I will have classes at least two days a week, clinicals at least one night a week, and work 1-2 week nights and every other weekend. Oy!

When I called Mike he could hear the fear in my voice. He said we'd take it a day at time. He is so good; both for me and to me. He is not afraid of hard work - at his day job and with our kids. There is no chore that he won't do - I am blessed beyond belief to have him. I love that he believes in me, and stands right by my side to help me.

So, what am I going to do?

Breathe in and out. Slowly and calmly. I am going to go to my Father, daily - perhaps by the minute, and lay all of this at his feet. I will trust that He will perfectly work out Insurance for us. That He will provide a sitter for the kids. That He will help me balance it all.

I trust in His perfect and beautiful plan. He has blessed me ABUNDANTLY and I will continue to trust in and walk with Him.

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